Portable Boothless Audiometric Testing for the Workplace

Automate Occupational Hearing Testing with WAHTS Boothless Headphones and audhere software

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The Boothless Audiometric Testing Advantage: Occupational Hearing Testing with audhere

Almost half of all adults with noise-related hearing loss work in noisy environments.

Workplace hearing conservation programs are a key first line of defense in preserving hearing health.

OSHA requires that workplaces instate a hearing conservation program when an employee’s noise exposure equals or exceeds an 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 decibels.

Hearing conservation programs include exposure monitoring, education and training, providing adequate hearing protectors , and annual occupational hearing testing.

Employers can be responsible for everything from the initial fitting of hearing protectors to coordinating compliant hearing testing. Combining all of these moving parts in one hearing conservation program doesn’t need to be challenging for employers or place an undue burden on employees.

Simplifying Hearing Conservation

The WAHTS headset combined with our audhere testing software is designed to simplify the hearing testing experience for employers and employees by offering a variety of unique capabilities to improve your operational hearing conservation program.

Reduced Overhead
Employee Satisfaction & Health

What to Look for in
Occupational Hearing Testing Devices

Hearing test devices should support the mission of hearing conservation: to protect employees from noise-induced hearing loss. This includes ensuring employees are properly fit with adequate hearing protection and have their hearing tested annually.

When evaluating occupational hearing testing solutions, it is important to consider the following capabilities:

Wireless Connectivity
A solution shouldn’t sacrifice attenuation for portability; look for a device that can offer both.
Streamlined Patient Experience
Search for solutions that use the same equipment for both hearing testing and hearing protector fit testing to provide a streamlined experience.
Robust to Ambient Noise
Identify transducers that provide isolation from ambient noise to ensure testing can be conducted in as many locations as possible.
Multi-Person Testing
Prioritize the ability to increase efficiency by testing multiple people at once.
OSHA Compliant Boothless Hearing Testing
Ensure the device can be used in the occupational noise exposure standard when insert earphones or other types of earphones are used.
Hearing Protection Fit Testing
Choose a system that provides Fit Testing to achieve a better fit of Hearing Protection Devices and prevent occupational hearing loss.

Our Software: audhere for Occupational Hearing Testing

The audhere app and WAHTS headset make it easy to test one-on-one or test a group. The app can be used to conduct just hearing testing, just hearing protector fit testing, or both hearing- and fit-testing.

Automated Testing for Groups

In Automatic mode, individuals progress independently through a self-paced hearing test while monitored by an administrator.

Hearing Protector Fit Testing

The audhere app includes a module for hearing protection fit testing. Guided steps instruct proper insertion of hearing protection, and the WAHTS headset measures Personal Attenuation Rating. Ensure optimal safety by measuring the sound attenuation of in-ear hearing protectors, an OSHA recommended practice since 2008.

Manual Mode

In Manual mode, a test administrator has control over the stimuli presented. The administrator may wish to switch to manual mode if the examinee is confused or is not responding appropriately.


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