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Occupational hearing testing and hearing protector fit testing are easy and efficient with the WAHTS headset and audhere app. The WAHTS is an OSHA- and ANSI-compliant calibrated headset with a built-in wireless audiometer. The WAHTS earcups attenuate sound on par with a single-walled sound booth. Pairing with the audhere app makes it easy to manage automated testing of groups or conduct one-on-one testing for individual needs. The system can be used in conference rooms, waiting areas, classrooms, occupational exam rooms, and more!

How the system
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The wireless WAHTS headset has a built-in audiometer that emits calibrated stimuli (e.g., pure- and warble-tones, narrow-band noise, speech, etc.). Test takers respond by pressing a button in the tablet-based audhere app. Our algorithm controls test progression to reliably determine their thresholds.
1. Test Taker Headset Connects to Audhere App
Built-in audiometer plays tones that the test taker responds to in the app.
2. Administrator App Monitors Tests
Test administrator can connect wirelessly to the test taker tablets for live progress monitoring. Maximize efficiency by testing up to seven individuals simultaneously.

Many options
for your needs

WAHTS and audhere support both hearing tests and hearing protector fit-tests. Accomplish both in a single visit or perform just hearing- or fit-testing as needed. Furthermore, the audhere app makes it easy to conduct tests one-on-one or manage testing a group.
Automated Testing for Groups
In Automatic mode, individuals progress independently through a self-paced hearing test while monitored by an administrator.
Hearing Protector Fit Testing
The audhere app includes a module for hearing protection fit testing. Guided steps instruct proper insertion of hearing protection, and the WAHTS headset measures Personal Attenuation Rating. Ensure optimal safety by measuring the sound attenuation of in-ear hearing protectors, an OSHA recommended practice since 2008.
Manual Mode
In Manual mode, a test administrator has control over the stimuli presented. The administrator may wish to switch to manual mode if the examinee is confused or is not responding appropriately.

WAHTS headset
wireless & complete

Sound attenuation received with the WAHTS (Wireless Automated Hearing Test System) headset is on par with a single-walled sound booth. A built-in audiometer makes it highly portable and enables flexible untethered testing. WAHTS is an FDA registered audiometer and meets current OSHA 1910.95, ANSI S3.6, and IEC 60645-1 standards.
WAHTS Exploded View Shows Audiometer Electronics Inside Earcup

audhere app is
easy & flexible

The audhere app allows an administrator to monitor up to seven individuals as they simultaneously take an automated and self-paced hearing test. Status and results are communicated to the administrator’s tablet over a peer-to-peer wireless connection enabling testing and immediate review to be performed without an internet connection. When an internet connection becomes available, results may be transferred from the administrator’s tablet to standard health record databases.
Quick Set-Up & Calibration Check
The app provides a guided walk-through to set-up group testing. The in-headset daily calibration check results may be verified on the admin screen before testing begins.
Connect & Test
Each WAHTS headset connects via bluetooth to the tablet-based audhere app. Administer automated, self-paced hearing- and fit-tests or switch to manual mode for more control.
Efficient & Accurate
Admin app continuously monitors up to seven test tablets at a time. Ability to test frequencies ranging from 250 to 8000 Hz. Audhere test results provide an audiogram with baseline data for easy identification of threshold shifts.
Download Results
OSHA formatted results are available to download to your database or export as pdfs for individual records.

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great reviews

What our customers have to say about the system.

Efficient Assessment When You Need It

We had a shot at [hearing] recovery because we kept the timeline to treatment…very short.

Lieutenant Colonel Jillyen Curry-Mathis
Chief, Force Health Protection for the XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg


Help to Save Hearing

Ultimately this capability will help save hearing and keep military members healthy and mission ready.

Colonal (Dr.) Lakeisha Henry
Hearing Center of Excellence Division Chief, Air Force


Highly Portable

This technology allows audiologists to take hearing testing far-forward on the battlefield and conduct assessments in individuals that have been wounded or injured without needing a large audiometric sound booth.

Lieutenant Colonel John Merkley
Army Hearing Program Manager



The WAHTS makes the provision of hearing testing much more accessible to health and safety professionals and will likely afford greater opportunities for many smaller employers to implement audiometric monitoring as part of a hearing conservation program.

Deanna Meinke, Ph.D
Winchester Distinguished Professor of Audiology, University of Northern Colorado
Special Consultant to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Hearing Loss Prevention Team

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The mobile and reliable tablet-based hearing test system that enables quicker diagnosis and treatment
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audhere advantage

Provide the most mobile and efficient hearing test and hearing protection fit test system in the world.
The WAHTS system has been used by the US Army and the U.K. Ministry of Defense in some of the most demanding environments imaginable, and has tested the hearing of thousands around the world.
Our team is available to support your unique needs. We developed the system, built it, and are here to support it.

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