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The combination of our world-class boothless audiometer with the intuitive and streamlined audhere app offers the ultimate solution for your occupational health needs.
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Occupational hearing testing and hearing protector fit testing are easy and efficient with the WAHTS headset and audhere app. The WAHTS headset is an OSHA and ANSI-compliant calibrated headset, includes a built-in wireless audiometer, and can test in noisier environments than any other system. Pairing with the audhere app makes it easy to manage automated testing of groups or conduct one-on-one testing for individual needs.

Audhere Will Improve Your
Occupational Health System

Versatility in Testing Settings
WAHTS and Audhere software allows for both hearing testing and hearing protector fit testing in one visit. This saves precious employee and provider time, by not having to change equipment, re-enter demographic data, and re-train the task for the employee.
Wireless Headphones
Our audiometric hearing test can be performed in the field, at your office, and provide results at your fingertips. The system is 100% wireless , meaning we've eliminated common failure points associated with traditional audiometer electronics.
A Software App
The Audhere app is intuitive and easy to use. The user friendly interface allows for the test administrator to select a test, for patients to respond during a test, and for viewing and managing results.
Multi-Person Testing
The system allows a test administrator to monitor 7 ongoing tests simultaneously for both hearing testing and hearing protector fit testing.
High-Noise Capabilities
WAHTS utilizes a proprietary transducer to provide isolation from ambient noise to accomplish a higher level of attenuation in low frequency settings than any other option currently available.
Streamlined Patient Experience
Audhere simplifies the test process by allowing for seamless completion of a health intake questionnaire, hearing test, and hearing protection fit test without changing test equipment.

audhere app is
easy & flexible

The audhere app allows an administrator to monitor up to seven individuals as they simultaneously take an automated and self-paced hearing test. Status and results are communicated to the administrator's tablet over a peer-to-peer wireless connection enabling testing and immediate review to be performed without an internet connection. When an internet connection becomes available, results may be transferred from the administrator's tablet to standard health record databases.
Quick Set-Up & Calibration Check
The app provides a guided walk-through to set-up group testing. The daily calibration check results may be verified on the admin screen before testing begins.
Connect & Test
Each WAHTS headset connects via bluetooth to the tablet-based audhere app. Administer automated, self-paced hearing- and fit-tests or switch to manual mode for more control.
Efficient & Accurate
Admin app continuously monitors up to seven test tablets at a time. Ability to test frequencies ranging from 250 to 8000 Hz. Audhere test results provide an audiogram with baseline data for easy identification of threshold shifts.
Download Results
OSHA formatted results are available to download to your database or export as pdfs for individual records.

WAHTS headset
wireless & complete

The WAHTS headset increases access for hearing testing in non-traditional environments, while meeting the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifications for audiometers.
WAHTS Exploded View Shows Audiometer Electronics Inside Earcup
In addition, WAHTS conforms to the description of audiometric measuring instruments described in Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) occupational noise exposure standard. The system includes an audiometer integrated into a wireless headset—the WAHTS headset.

Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels (MPANLS)

The passive attenuation of the WAHTS allows the system to be used to accurately test hearing in environments with ambient noise. Table 1 shows the maximum permissible ambient noise levels (MPANLs) calculated for the WAHTS in accordance with ANSI S3.1-1999 (R2018). Adjusted MPANLs are calculated by adding the passive attenuation of the transducer to the ears uncovered ANSI S3.1 values.

The WAHTS MPANLs outperform other transducers at 250, 500 and 1000 Hz, making WAHTS ideal for boothless audiometry, where ambient room noise is a concern.

What comes in the box?

● WAHTS Headset
● Calibration Stand
● Tablet with audhere Pre-Installed
● Charging Cables
● Quick Start Guide

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